My Chemical Romance’s Lost “Summertime” Visual Video

Just before Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys was officially released in 2010, My Chemical Romance posted a Youtube video called “Dr. Death Defying Listening Party”, which consisted of the entire album accompanied by simple visual videos and short snippets of Dr. Death Defying answering call-ins to his radio station. The video was removed once the album was released, never to see the light of day again. Luckily, some Killjoys had downloaded the video while it was still up and distributed it to other members of the fandom. I was one of the lucky people to acquire a copy of the video. 

Though all of the songs had nice visuals, one stood out to me. It was for the song “Summertime”, and included footage from sort of old anatomy educational video. The circulatory systems of various animals are shown in action, until the very end of the video where a gorgeous live x-ray of a heart beating within a human ribcage takes the screen. I’ve never been so transfixed in all my life. I’ve made the Summertime video available to watch and download here, on my Dropbox. Cardiophiles and MCR fans alike will love this. Enjoy!

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